Exploring the wonders of what can be grown in a small garden documented in a blog. I want to use this blog to detail and record the gardening year and to show the fruits of growing plants from seeds to completion as a fully grown plant.

Recent Articles

  • Strawberry Plants - Of all the fruit and vegetables that I have grown, strawberries are my favourite. Home grown strawberries are so much tastier than any that you will buy in a shop or supermarket. Strawberries are so very easy to multiply as they send out new plants at the end of every growing season. Growing strawberries Strawberries… Continue reading Strawberry Plants
  • Banana Plants - A few months ago, I got it into my head that I wanted a banana plant. However, I had my reservations, mainly due to the size they grow to. I live in a small house and therefore didn’t want to get something that would over power any of the rooms. I started to do my… Continue reading Banana Plants
  • Pepper Plant - I have grown pepper plants for two years in a row now and I love them. The ones you grown yourself always taste better than the ones that you buy from the store. There are also so many different varieties, that there is a pepper plant for everyone. All pepper plants will begin to grow… Continue reading Pepper Plant
  • Hosta - I’ve had a break from writing recently as I had a lot of personal changes. However, I still acquired several new plants, one of which was a hosta. Two hosta actually, after I bought it, I discovered a very small baby hosta under the foliage of the main plant. Hosta are a herbaceous perennial. They… Continue reading Hosta
  • Weekend Gardening - I had a busy Saturday gardening and decided to share some of what I completed. I had several tasks and also after a trip to the garden centre to pick more up pots, naturally I picked up some more plants too. I have several strawberries that I recently moved from my old apartment and had… Continue reading Weekend Gardening