Introduction to Blogging

balcony-garden  balcony-garden2

Blogging and gardening  is not a natural combination but I’m going to do it anyway and so The WinterGarden Diaries is born. I live in an apartment which has a small garden but I have always had an interest in gardening and growing new plant. I am now working to interrogate the want for a garden with the ability to grow a wide variety of plants and seeds in a small area.

Over the past year, I have grown pepper plants, tomato plants, a variety of lettuce plants and strawberries. Over the next year I want to expand this to include potato, carrots, sweet peas, and along with the plants from the previous year. One of my favourite plants from last year was a blueberry bush, which has now died back but I hope will regrow in the spring. I also plan to get a second Blueberry bush – who doesn’t love Blueberry pancakes!!


I want to use this blog to document what I will plant over the next year, different plants and seeds that I will grow and lessons learned from what I have done previously. I hope you enjoy!!


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