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Self watering planter

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On a recent trip to Ikea, I had an idea that I wanted to purchase a number of plants to create a flower box. When I actually arrived many of the items that I had picked on the app where not what I had expected or didn’t create the look I wanted. I then discovered a clay self water planter.

The concept is that you fill the middle section of the planter with water which will then gradually move through the clay pot and water the plants in the outside layer. I had a different idea.

2017-02-04-12-07-14  2017-01-31-08-22-41

I wanted to use the middle section to plant a taller plant to add more Dracaena Marginata. I purchased  three succulant plants and three cacti. I got quite a few others too but for that this planter that was my selection.

2017-02-04-12-08-46   2017-01-31-08-22-06

I spend some time deciding on the arrangement and then started planting. Once I had completed it, I added small white stones to get it a finished look.

I really like the idea of this pot and will be purchasing a second.  Also as it is made of clay, it is a good investment for longer use.


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