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Container Planting

Before the gardening season starts again, now is a good time to get supplies and container for planting. There is such a wide variety of planters and pots that can be purchased or made to create an interesting garden. I think this is particularly important when you have a small garden as each container is more obvious.

When I started gardening last year, I used quite a lot of plastic pots and didn’t invest in many pieces that would last over the years. As I now know that this is something I will be doing for many years, I have decided that I would invest in a number of planters that are more durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

While I would normally go to a garden center for gardening supplies, I have seen quite a few nice options online.

I have a blueberry plant currently and I want to get a second. When I purchased the blueberry plant last year, I only got one pot so when I get the second blueberry plant this year, I will get this pot, as it matches the one I currently have.

Barrel Planter

I also love the look that clay pots give to an area and on a recent trip to IKEA, I purchased three clays pots and a self watering clay pot, although I don’t intend on using it as a self watering pot and will plant a Dracaena Marginata in the center.

Clay Pot
Clay Pot
Self Watering Clay Pot

One of my favorite types of planters are willow planters. They look great and hold a lot of plants. However, given how much it rains in Ireland, I feel it’s not a very feasible option and would only last for a year or two at most before it began to look degraded.

Willow Planter
Willow Planter

Instead I will plant in strong plant containers, such as this planter. I feel the look is still quite unique, holds a large variety of plants and is also suitable for being outdoors throughout the year in unpredictable weather as it won’t corrode.

Galvanized Planter

As I have been researching different containers, I found the below two would also be great for a smaller garden. The hanging balcony planter should be great for herb plants and colourful flowers. I can imagine I would use the larger milano planter for a fruit plant.

Hanging Balcony Planter
Hanging Balcony Planter
Milano Planter
Milano Planter

While buying larger pots will be necessary for planting some plants at a more mature stage. It is also possible to reuse items that you would have in your home for growing seeds. I have recently discovered that for sowing sweet peas and broad beans, toilet roll holders are excellent as sweet peas and broad beans need to be planted an inch below soil and have a long root. It can also then be planted directly into the soil or a bigger plant pot.

Obviously having ten to twenty toilet rolls filled with seeds and soil isn’t ideal for moving around so I have found that old mushroom containers are perfect. They are still relatively small but also allow you to water the seeds and move them around when required.


Moshroom Boxes
Mushroom Boxes



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