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Mini Green House


As we move into the new year, now is the time to start planning what to grow for the next year. After the planning, there is the initial growing phase. To assist with this, I have purchased a mini green house.

There are several different types available, due the the space that I have to work in, I choose a mini green house. Obviously there will be restrictions with the amount of seeds you can germinate and plants to grow in a mini green house but it’s perfect for a smaller growing space. As I also plan to have several growing pots, I wanted one that would fit neatly next to your balcony and that would survive being outside in variable weather conditions. The reviews were good and the comments indicated it was easily assembled. This proved to be true.

I want to start germinating seeds shortly and although it is still quite cold, this will give them a head start, rather than waiting for another month. It will also ensure that as the plants and seeds will be protected once they start growing therefore it is less likely there will not grow.



As you can see there are quite a few pieces, however it was much easier than expected to put this together.

I started by piecing the base of the greenhouse together and worked around that. The instructions provided were minimal and pictorial so it was a case of using your best judgement to put it together.

 imag1928  imag1931


Once the frame has been assembled, it is possible to tie cover to the frame to secure it and also to tie the shelves to the frame, also to secure the frame.



The final product:imag1936

Over the next two week or so, I will start planning planting seeds that can being germination in January.


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