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Broad Bean Planting

The Sutton board Beans

To begin the vegetable planting, I have started with Broad Beans, The Sutton (Dwarf) variety to be precise. This is the first time that I have grown broad beans but from research they appear to be relatively easy. I choice The Sutton  variety has they are a more bushy plant which are better suited for a small garden. They also do not require much support in comparison to it’s taller bean relatives. Each of these plants will produce 3 to 4 stems once grown. It will produce white beans.

As it is still quite cold here, I have started the seeds in smaller containers,which can be stored in my mini greenhouse, and once they being to germinate and grow I will transplant them into larger pots. It’s useful as you can start more of them and decide which ones will be successful. Broad beans are usually fast growers and they like a rich soil with good drainage. Broad beans crop better when they are feed so a nutrient rich soil is beneficial.

I am aware that I have started planting slightly early however if successful the plants should be growing by March and I would expect an early crop by May. From researching how to grow broad beans, I became aware that they needed a long root base, therefore I decided to try an experiment and plant them in toilet roll holders. Two benefits to this; 1. it would allow them extra room over a pot, for the roots to grow and 2. they can be directly planted into the next container, instead of having to remove them from a pot.

To begin, I placed the rolls onto a planting tray to give them stability and for more ease when moving them around. I got the tray shown below at my local garden center.


Next, I filled the rolls about half way with soil, leaving approximately 1 and a half inches from the top.


I placed the seeds into the rolls, with the pointy part of the bean pointed down.


Then I filled the remainder of the roll with soil. Finally, I watered the seeds.


I will be placing these in an outdoor greenhouse, which is not heated, so the growth may be slightly slower. I would like to show the after product, but it’s not a cooking blog so I don’t have one which was prepared earlier. Once I start to see growth I will do a follow up post also outlining the next steps and what pests to watch out for.

Happy planting!



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