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Planting Garlic


While I was planting board beans, I planted garlic bulbs also. This is not the first time I have done this, I planted the first crop in November, however the got too wet and didn’t survive.  I expect that won’t happen on this occasion as I have the greenhouse to protect them.

Although it has been quite cold recently, I planted eight garlic bulbs. To do this, I split an organic garlic bulb into eight parts. Garlic needs well drained soil so I mixed the soil with a loose potting mix.

If you have sufficient space, I would recommend planting the garlic into open ground, however as I don’t have that luxury, I used eight pots on a planting tray. Once the garlic beings to grow and the weather improves, I will up-pot the garlic’s to larger pots which don’t need to be placed in a green house or indoor area.

imag1909  imag1910   imag1911

One of the good and useful aspects of planting garlic is that they are a natural repellent for pest. There is only one main problem is White Rot. It is a fungus which affects garlic when it is cold. It is very difficult to control. The only resolution is to clean up the pots and planting area once the infected crops have been affected.

When I begin to see some growth I will do a follow up post on the progress and when to harvest the garlic.


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