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Garden Preparation

As you can see from some of the articles that I have previously posted, I have started to make some preparations for the next gardening season. I purchased a greenhouse to protect new seeds and have planted broad beans as a start to the season. Now is the time to plan and prepare seeds and plants before we move further into the spring season.

Bulbs are be prepared in early spring. If there is no expected frost, then bulbs can be planted into the ground. For example, daffodils, lilied and crocus. If you have forced bulbs growth indoors early spring is a good time to move the bulbs and plants outdoors. This will give time to get the bulbs and flowers a customized to being outside. The flowering of these plants may take longer the following year as they have been forced to grow indoors. Although I haven’t found any big issues with the ones which I have previously grown indoors.

Image result for dahlia plant
Dahlia Plant

Early spring is an ideal time to pick the seeds to grow for the following season. For growing vegetables, I would recommend doing a plan of exactly what you want to grow and what compliments each other, for example, if you grow carrots with onions if helps to reduce the number of pests that will attack carrots when they grow. The best vegetable plants to begin early include broccoli, cabbage, broad beans, onions and celery. If the temperatures are still very low then it  is best to keeps the seeds planted in pots in doors or in a covered area outdoors.

Image result for broccoli seeds
Broccoli  which can be grown from seeds

For flower seeds there are also a number of flowers that can be grown in early spring, for example, marigolds, begonia, calendula and nemesia. Similarly to growing vegetable seeds, I would recommend starting the seeds indoors if it is still too cold outdoors. One advantage of starting them indoors is that you will have flowers in mid-late spring and can then plant more seeds at that time, in order to ensure you have growing flowers to late autumn.

Image result for marigold flower
Merrigold flower

Before the main gardening season begins is a good time for larger projects and getting in equipment for growing. I purchased a greenhouse a few weeks ago to protect seedlings before I began planting. Now is a time to build cold frames, trellises and strawberry planters. I plan on having a wooden framed strawberry planter this year, which I will being work on shortly.


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