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Friday Favourites – 3 March 2017

I am doing a different style blog today. I have been reading several different gardening blogs recently and wanted to shares some of those. They are a variety of different blogs styles, from designing gardens to purely picture posts.

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This is a great blog post on the unique pots that you can garden with and also how to redesign a changing space.

I recently read an article from the Anxious Gardener about the beginning phases of his blog, and it resonated with with process I had just completed. The blog post also featured numerous other garden blogger so it’s a great read.

Before I even began reading this post, I knew I would enjoy it. Although I may be slightly bias as Edinburgh is one of my favourite places. An inspiring post of the year that was 2016.

This is a different take on the normal gardening post about flowers and planting. The blogger discuses how gardening has helped them with anxiety. Anxiety is a topic that I feel is now more widely discussed and it’s great to see that gardening is a way to help alleviate it.

The pictures alone in this post are beautiful. The writer gives an enlightening description of the gardens that they visited on theur holidays.

This is a picture post – Snowdrops. I feel it’s appropriate as we are now moving into Spring and it will soon be the gardening season again.

The garden is open visits gardens and shows the pictures on the site. It is an excellent ways to get garden ideas for your own garden and also for ideas on where to visit.

If you are designing a garden, this is a great post on how to do it yourself. It is explained over two posts so far and also shows the diagram of how the blogger wishes to have their garden once complete.

Let me know which ones you found interesting and also the blogs that you like to read or follow.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 3 March 2017

  1. Thank you for including my Blog in this Post. I look forward to reading yours and how you meet the challenge of your “small” garden. It is amazing what can be achieved, I’m sure half the battle is getting your head around how to maximise the space you have. I often console myself with the thought that I don’t have acres to weed or mow which gives me time to enjoy the other aspects of gardening.
    Please note that my Blog is called Leaves From My Garden – just a typo I’m sure but thought I should say.


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