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Bonsai Trees

The Bonsai tree – something which I believe many people assume is very difficult to grow or more to keep alive. The bonsai tree originated in China and then moved to a more Japanese culture.

Bonsai trees are not naturally small, they are grown in a container to keep them a small size, they are usually no larger than a meter tall. Larger leaved plants can be move difficult to design and grow into an artistic form.

I’m only going to discuss the basics of caring for the bonsai tree – mainly because I still have some fear of killing the ones that I have and have not yet tried anything advanced such as wiring or pruning.

I currently have tree bonsai trees – two which are about three years old and the remaining is less than a year old. It is a very thin trunk with two very small leaves.



The bonsai tree should be watered once the soil is dry. I find that with the ones I have, this is once a week. Obviously once a week may not work for everyone and it will depend on the conditions that the plant are kept it. It is recommended to water the plant with a small nozzle from above. I however, have found that because bonsai trees need to be watered very well, I actually soak my bonsai trees overnight in a container with a liquid fertiliser.

I have read that you shouldn’t water plants on a routine. I partly agree with this and you should observe how dry or moist the soil is.  I’m setting a bad example however and do usually water the bonsai trees on the same day each week and so far they are still alive.


It is important to fertilise bonsai trees. I didn’t always do this but I started four months ago and really notice an improvement in the colour and growth of the bonsai trees. There are several types of fertiliser that you can use – the one which I choose to use is a liquid fertiliser – Bonsai Focus Unique Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser 300ml. I found a link to it online, which doesn’t ship to Ireland. However if you are in Ireland, I got it in a local garden center so I am sure you can get it locally instead of having to order it only.

As I said, I won’t be discussing the pruning and wiring process as I haven’t tried it myself and don’t want to give bad advise or kill your tree. I feel that the easiest way to to learn how to prune and wire is from seeing instead of reading so I have watched several videos and feel that the below is a good video for guidance.

Happy tree growing!!


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