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Friday Favourites – 17 March 2017

I’m going to continue with the Friday favourites theme for my second post in the week. I enjoy researching for this post and also sharing other people’s posts.

This blogger wrote about her experience for having a communal gardening parking strip and the internal struggle once the neighborhood began I use the fruit that was growing on the trees her planted. It’s a great read and also an excellent idea – I love this idea to brighten up an area which may otherwise by just houses and roads.

A article that gives great detail on how to grow bell peppers in pots. I grow these last year and they were excellent. I didn’t do a lot of research before I grew them but wouldn’t recommend that you should and this is the perfect article for a great overall summary.

Pamela, the blog writer, writes about how to take rose cuttings. I have always been daunted by taking rose cuttings because they are hard stemmed however after reading this blog, I will definitely be trying it.

An excellent article on how to add something different to your garden. The writer uses a variety of items, i.e teacups and birdcages, to bring more glamour to the garden.

Gardeners world has returned to our televisions and last week Monty Don showed how to plant broad beans. Here they have highlighted the main points on how to grow broad beans. I planted mine at the start of February and have seen growth already so it is worth starting as they are easy to grow.

I think growing strawberries is sure a create way to get really tasty fresh fruit. They always taste better than what you buy in a shop. This article gives an alternative container to grow strawberries in. I will be doing an article on this shortly as I have also discovered an interesting container to grow strawberries in.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks featured blog posts and articles.


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