Board Bean update

At the start of February, I planted Broad Bean seeds. This is the first year that I have grown them so was a little skeptical if they would actually sprout and grow, particularly because I planted them in toilet rolls to allow them to form a long root system. I planted twenty-five seeds and so far twenty seeds have grown into plants. The remaining four will grow as I can see they have roots, however I won’t be replanting them today.

After I planted the seeds, I watered them and placed them in the greenhouse. In the six weeks that they have been in the greenhouse I have only watered them once. They humidity keeps them moist and I don’t want to over-water the seeds and new plants.

One problem that I identified with using the toilet rolls for the seeds was there was a minor mildew situation on the rolls. This was obviously caused from having to water the plants and the resultant humidity. The roots of the seeds are very long already and the roots from the plants were tangled together, ensure you separate these carefully not to damage the roots and plant growth.

I had expected at this point to plant the seeds in larger containers outdoors, however I recently found out that I am moving to a new apartment and don’t currently know if I will have a garden space. As a result of this, I am planting them in a small pots to give to my parents and my boyfriends parents so they can plant them in larger pots for them to grow. Once they are established, I will do another update of them growing and producing beans.

The four seeds that still hadn’t sprouted, I will keep those myself and place them back in the greenhouse until they are ready to be put into a few pot. I can see some progress with one of the seeds so I expect in two weeks, I will be re-potting these.

Let me know how your broad beans are growing or other plants that you have started.


One thought on “Board Bean update

  1. Sad that you have to foster your broad bean babies, but probably good that you get a new apartment? My beans look about like yours. I would plant them outside, but we had torrential downpours yesterday, a night or two coming in the low 20’sF and then 5 more days of rain! UGH!


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