Garlic Update

Another vegetable growing update…garlic. I planted garlic bulbs in early February and they have started to grow. I had previously planted garlic but it was a victim of White Rot, which is very common for garlic bulbs. Luckily, only one from this batch had that problem so I have up-potted the rest.

I have planted the garlic bulbs in a trio shaped pot. I don’t expect that I will need to replant them again as there is sufficient room in this planter for them to grow to their full size. I have planted four garlic plants in one of the planters and three in the remaining pot. I would expect that they will be grow in June or early July.

For now, I have placed the garlic back in the greenhouse, as it is still very rainy here but I hope that from next weekend, I will be able to take them out and leave them outdoors until they are grown.


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