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Friday Favourites – 31 March 2017

Friday Favourites a day late – I wanted to take a good pictures to do with the post hence the delay!

Another week and it’s looking much brighter as we finally get some nice weather and longer days for gardening. I have again collected a number of a great posts that I have read this week.

This post addresses how an urban space is being used in Berlin, Germany. Currently it is a garden but there is uncertainty for the future. I believe that this will becomes a big issue for many countries in the coming years, as population grows but we still need green spaces. Not everything can be covered in building blocks and concrete.

A post on different ideas on how to plant, design and grow in a garden. There are quite a few items so it caters for a variety of gardens, both big and small.

Another post on garden planning! It’s my new favourite thing to look up – I have been considering doing a garden design course for some time so I’ve been looking for inspiration. This is a great post on what can be done in the garden and how to make use of all areas.

I think previously the dahlia was considered to be an old-fashioned plant. I, however, think they are great for a garden or even f you have a small area. One plant can produce so many flowers and the bulbs can then increase the number of plants that you get each year.

Tomatoes – nothing tastes as good as the ones you grow yourself. This is a great post on the the different varieties and a brief history on the tomato.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


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