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Friday Favourites – 7 April 2017

I’m on time with this weeks Friday Favourites post – I had a better week with pictures and reading interesting articles.

As I have mentioned alreay, I will be moving in the coming months and have been reading articles on what I can grow indoors, if I end up not having a few garden in my new apartment. This post gives a very detailed outline of how to grow lettuce indoors. I love to grow lettuce, as I believe the one you buy is sprayed with so many chemicals.

I am slightly bias posting this article as it is about gardening ideas to steal from Ireland. While this article is about taking inspiration from gardening in Ireland – most of the ideas mentioned can be recreated no matter where your garden is located.

Raspberries – delicious but when should you prune raspberry bushes to get the best crop. This post outlines that and also shows how to prune raspberries.

As now is the time to start planting bulbs and seeds, this post outlines the best bulbs to grow for a summer border. Obviously this would work excellently for a larger garden – however if you have a smaller area to work with, it would be possible to take a smaller selection and plant them in small or large pots depending on the number of bulbs you plant.

I grew chilli pepper plants last year from seedlings that I bought at a garden center. This year I have started growing them from seeds. They are currently only planted for four days so no big progress yet. The Chilli King gives a great insight into how to grow a chilli plant.

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you have been reading recently!?


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