Friday Favourites · Gardening

Friday Favourites – 21st April 2017

I have a very different array of articles, videos and pictures for this weeks favourites – I hope you enjoy.

Glass Terrarium and Avocado Seed

I recently bought a beautiful glass vase which I want to turn into an open terrarium. In order to do this, I had to research plants which would be suitable for an open terrarium outside of succulent plants, I discovered the Fittonia nerve plant, which has mosaic style leaves and comes in a variety of colours. I will be adding this to the terrarium. I will write a post once I have picked all the plants and put the terrarium together.

A pictorial piece – I love the images shown in this blog – great inspiration for both small and larger gardens.

I had never been a big fan of Hydrangeas however when watching GardenersWorld recently, I realised what a great flowers plant they are. The colour of the flowers will change depending on the soil conditions they are planted in.

I have read several articles on how to grow an avocado tree from the seed of an avocado and was very skeptical however a friend told me she has tried it and I was curious. I currently have a seed growing but haven’t seen any growth yet. This article is great inspiration and provides tips on what you need to do.

As we are all aware, the bees are in demise and diminishing, which means that if they die out we don’t have very long left. In order to ensure, the bee continues, we can encourage them in our gardens with different plants, etc. This Natural Dream has written an article on the plants and flowers that attract bees.

This link isn’t an article, it’s a clip from gardeners world. It shows how to make inexpensive supports for larger plants and when to actually support plants. I thought it was a great idea but had never previously thought of it and it is a very simple idea.

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