Growing flower bulbs – in a vase

I am always skeptical about seeing unusual flowers ideas, etc that are all over online sites, i.e growing an avocado from the seed because of the new avocado obsession. I had seen several posts about growing flower bulbs in a vase instead of in a pot with soil. As an experiment I decided to try it. I used Iris bulbs and much to my surprise they have grown and I expect will soon flower. Success!!

There were a few difference to planting the bulbs in soil.
Firstly, because the bulbs didn’t have soil to support them, I had to place them very closely together, much closer than would be necessary if you planted them in soil. It made them look nicer in the vase too as I used a clear vase to present them.

Secondly, you need to place them on stones or something to elevate them about the bottom of the vase in order to allow the roots to have space to grow.

Next, unlike when you plant them in the ground or place them outside in a flower pot, you have to ensure that the roots never dry out as they don’t have another source of water. There is no soil to retain the moisture and the decorative stones wont hold the water.

With regards to the bulbs to pick, from the articles that I read, larger bulbs were suggested. I can understand this as they will have move substantial stems to supports them selves and also you will need less bulbs in your container. Iris bulbs are not large but when I started this experiment they were the bulbs that I had left over so decided to use them. I had to put more in the pot and as they are a long stemmed flower, there are a few that are now having balance issues and falling slightly to the side.

I would definitely recommend planting some bulbs this way and it is a different alternative to having cut flowers in a vase.



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