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Weekend Gardening

I had a busy Saturday gardening and decided to share some of what I completed. I had several tasks and also after a trip to the garden centre to pick more up pots, naturally I picked up some more plants too.

I have several strawberries that I recently moved from my old apartment and had planted in a smaller pot for transport reasons. It was clear today that they needed a bigger pot as they were very cramped. I purchased a long pot and repotted three strawberry plants. I expect that over the next month I should start to see some strawberries.

I purchased two trays for flowers, Ageratum and Salvia, to plant in empty pots. Ageratum are blue flowers that require full sun. They have flully blue flowers and are an easily cared for plant. Salvia is also a plant that requires a lot of sun and attracts pollinators. The variety I purchased has red flowers. Both plants are annuals. I had twelve plants and planted them in four pots, I left room as a I know they will grow more now that they have more space.

I mentioned previously that I took my dahlia plant and split the tubers to create new dahlia plants. This was very successful and I got seven dahlia plants that survived. I repotted five of the plants today and have now moved all five outside. I gave one away and still have one inside as it was slower to grow than the rest. One of my plants already has a beautful orange flower. As I split the plants they are smaller than normal but I expect that after a year or two they will grow back to the size of the original plant.

After watching the Chelsea flower show during the week, I saw a segment about hosta plants and it was the first thing I saw today while shopping for new flower pots so therefore had to buy one. It was a nice surprise when I got home and realised that avery small hosta was also growing at the side of the pot. I repotted both into more permanent pots and watered both.

I have twelve board beans plants currently growing and as they grow taller, they need some support. Today, I fixed all their supports and retied them. I also watered them, as they are growing so quickly the soil dries out very quickly.

Finally, I took four plant currently. I had good success with plant cuttings in the past. However any that I have taken recently have not developed roots. I haven’t given up however and took four today. I watered them and have left them in partial sun. Hopefully they will root over the next two to three weeks.

What gardening did you do this weekend?


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