Banana Plants

A few months ago, I got it into my head that I wanted a banana plant. However, I had my reservations, mainly due to the size they grow to. I live in a small house and therefore didn’t want to get something that would over power any of the rooms. I started to do my research to find one that would be suitable and I did; Musa ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ Banana Plant. I got it in Urban Plant Life. Before we start, it is important to note that unless you are in an area with a very hot climate you won’t bananas. I am growing mine for the foliage.

Banana plants are quite easy to grow with the right conditions. They need rich soil. As they grow so quickly, they need a lot of water and so nutrients.

The banana plant is a perennial herb and not actually a tree. The part that looks like a trunk is actually the leaf stalks wrapped around each other. The leaves grown inside the truck, grow upwards and then emerge from the top.


Banana plants are not grown from seeds as they don’t produce any. Banana’s are propagated from suckers. I currently have three suckers on my banana plant. The sucker should have spear shaped leaves. They should also be tall in order for them to survive by themselves, away from the main plant. I will wait for another few months before I remove the suckers from the main plant.

When you are taking the suckers away from the parent plant, the sucker should be cut away with a sharp trowel or shovel. The division should be made between the parent plant and the sucker; ensuring the there are sufficient roots on the sucker plant. Otherwise it won’t root and survive when you replant it.


Banana plants require a lot of water to produce their massive leaves. I am growing my banana plant indoors, however if you grow it outside and it is a windy area, then you will need to protect it from blowing over and damaging the leaves.


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